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To be eligible to graduate from Trinity Catholic High School, students must satisfactorily complete 27 total units of credit. Included in this total are various department requirements which include:

Religion   4 units
English   4 units
Mathematics   3 units
Science   3 units
Social Science   3 units
Fine Arts   1 unit
Foreign Language   1 unit
Physical Education   1 unit
Computers   1/2 unit
Speech   1/2 unit
Electives   6 units
Total   27 units
  • 1 unit = 1 year or 2 semesters
  • Algebra I or above taken as an 8th grade student will count toward the Trinity graduation requirements but will not count toward the cumulative GPA and class rank.
  • All schedule changes must be completed within the first 5 days of each semester.
  • Trinity offers students several opportunities to take classes outside of our standard curriculum. These opportunities include:
    • HCC college classes for Jr. and Sr. students.
    • Technical classes and programs from Hutchinson High.
    • Kansas Careers Junior College on-line classes.
    • Andover e-Academy online classes (will count towards GPA & class rank)
    • All classes taken outside of our standard curriculum must be approved by school administration.
    • Not all classes taken outside of Trinity will count toward the student's cumulative GPA and class rank.

If a class is offered at Trinity in one of the required areas it must be taken at Trinity.