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Our Mission is to provide a well-balanced education to meet each student’s unique intellectual and spiritual needs.

Trinity Catholic is a co-educational school, which educates young people to their full academic potential and enhances their growth of Christian values and principles to serve the Church and community.

Through a diverse and challenging curriculum, as well as an environment commanding excellence, Trinity Catholic strives to instill in every student an attitude of lifelong learning in the development of their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical gifts.

Investing in private high school can positively impact your child’s life through a college preparatory curriculum, values centered education, safe environment, high academic standards, and a variety of athletic opportunities.

In order to fulfill the fundamental purpose of helping all students learn at high levels the staff at Trinity Catholic are dedicated to creating a school in which…

  • Students will be held to high academic and behavioral standards.
  • We will provide an environment that cultivates students academically, spiritually, and physically.
  • Students will display mastery of the required curriculum.
  • Students will develop into active, life-long members of the Catholic Church. Upon graduation, they will continue to serve others and participate in their parish.
  • Social consciousness will be fostered through volunteerism and community service.
  • A Catholic education will be available to students regardless of physical, mental, financial, or emotional disabilities.
  • A safe, student-centered environment will be provided.
  • An environment that will encourage and promote the student as an individual.
  • An environment will exist that accommodates the gifts and needs of the members of our learning community.
  • We will provide communication and technology skills necessary for success in college and life.