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Fine Arts:

Art (grades 9-12): Two-dimensional and three-dimensional art concepts and media are explored in this course, which also includes an examination of art history and art in other world cultures.

Band (grades 9-12): High School Band is a performance class open to any student HS student.  The band performs at school concerts, as part of the Pep Band, and at different contests.  Students will perform different styles of music including marches, overtures, and pop-style music.

Choir (grades 9-12): Trinity Catholic High School choir’s purpose is to worship and glorify God through learning basic proper singing techniques, music theory and history, while applying the academic knowledge and proper techniques through quality performances. The choir has 4 major performances throughout the year with various other smaller performances as well. Students are encouraged to participate in League Honor Choir, auditioning for District Honor Choir and Regional & State Festivals.

Foreign Language:

Spanish II (grades 10-12), students must have completed Spanish I:  Students will review the material learned in Spanish I and build on it.  Students learn advanced grammar, acquire spoken and written fluency and build their Spanish vocabulary constantly.  Developing skills toward independent learning is encouraged.

Spanish III (grades 11-12), students must have completed Spanish I & II:  Students will review material learned in Spanish I and II and continue to build on it.  Students will learn advanced grammar and vocabulary.  Emphasis is placed on using the language in real life situations.

General Electives:

Accounting (grades 11-12): Introduces the accounting cycle. Basic concepts covered include double-entry bookkeeping and examination of basic financial reports such as the balance sheet, statement of owner's equity and income statement. Emphasis on cash receipts, cash disbursements, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Some assignments made using general ledger accounting software. Intended to be the first accounting course for students who have not taken high school accounting or have no accounting experience.

Celtic Hour Strength & Conditioning (grades 9-12): This is a strength and conditioning class that will take place Monday-Thursday, from 6:30 AM-7:35 AM.  Students will have the opportunity to work with Trinity coaches as they work to become stronger, faster human beings, as well as more fit and in-shape students. 

College Prep (grades 11-12), this course is a single semester taking place in the Fall:  This course allows students to get a head start on their college careers.  Students will be instructed on how to properly complete admissions applications and other college materials.  On-line scholarships will be researched and applied for by the students.  ACT practice tests will be given to prepare the students for the ACT test.  Other ACT material will also be available to the students. 

Debate (grades 9-12), this course is a single semester taking place in the Fall: Students will learn the skills of research, argumentation and public speaking so that they can compete in debate competitions.  This class is for self-motivated students who are eager to learn skills that will be beneficial for a lifetime.  Each student must debate in at least three tournaments.  This course fulfills the Trinity Catholic Speech requirement if taken during their sophomore year.    

Forensics (grades 9-12), this course is single semester course taking place in the Spring: Students will prepare for competitive speech contests.  Each student must compete in at least three competitions. This course fulfills the Trinity Catholic Speech requirement if taken during student’s sophomore year.                                                                                                                                      

Lifetime Sports & Wellness (grades 10-12): This class is designed to give upperclassmen and alternative physical education class to strength and conditioning.  The students participate in lifetime fitness activities and sports.  Some of them include horse-shoes, golf, bowling, tennis, volleyball, walking, cycling, dancing, swimming and croquet.  The students also study, research and write research papers over the four biggest health problems in the United States today. Health issues we focus on are: heart diseases, diabetes, cancers and mental illnesses.

Multimedia Exploration (grades 9-12): This class will watch and read different types of media and discuss the various elements within this media, such as plot, theme, propaganda, characters, etc.  Students will then write papers discussing these different media elements they saw. 

Personal Finance (grades 11-12), this course is a single semester course taking place in the Spring:  Personal Finance is a course designed to help students understand the impact of individual choices on occupational goals and future earnings potential.  Real world topics covered will include income, money management, spending and credit, as well as saving and investing. Students will simulate use of checking and saving accounts, demonstrate knowledge of finance, debt, and credit management.  This course will provide a foundational understanding for making informed personal financial decisions.                                                

Strength & Conditioning (grades 10-12):  Students will improve fitness levels through muscular strength/endurance training, cardio-vascular strength/endurance training, flexibility/balance training and individual & team sports.  The class will also incorporate a foundation of understanding the skeletal and muscular systems of the body.

Student Aide (grades 11-12), students will need prior permission from a teacher to be their student aide: Teachers will be allowed to have one student aid except for coaches and they will be allowed to have two. Students must be responsible and trustworthy. 

Study Hall* (grades 9-12): Study Hall is reserved for those students that have exhibited a need for extra class preparation and study time to be successful in their classes.  Only students that have failed a core class(es), during the previous school year, will be allowed to take Study Hall.                   

*Permission to enroll in this class will be determined by the school administration.

Yearbook (grades 9-12):  Basic ideas of photo layout and display are stressed as a component of producing the school yearbook.  The idea of concisely depicting a year in review is the basic element.  Writing skills are required to aid in creating a synopsis of school activities and events.  Students will produce the yearbook, including photo planning and selection, layout design, advertisement sales and layout, synopsis writing and copy writing.  All in composed through a computer based yearbook program and submitted for publication on line.  If you decide to take yearbook, you must stay in it all year long. 

The following Trinity Catholic classes are eligible for dual credit from Hutchinson Community College.    Students will automatically receive a letter grade and credit from TC.  To receive credit from HCC students must be officially enrolled there by going through the HCC enrollment process.  Having done so, students become responsible for any HCC enrollment requirements and/or fees. 

College Algebra (grade 11-12): This course covers elementary algebra including exponents, radicals, quadratic formula, systems of equations, graphing, theory of equations, functions, inverse functions, complex numbers, determinants, and matrices.  Students complete applications using the previous topics and graphing calculators.  This is a 3 hour college course and if students choose to enroll for HCC credit they will do so in the spring.  They must have an ACT math score of 21 or higher or an Accuplacer score of 75 or higher to complete this enrollment.

College Calculus (grade 12):  This course includes topics from two-dimensional analytical geometry, trigonometric functions, limits, continuity, differentiation and integration with applications from all topics.  This is a 5 hour college course and if students choose to enroll for HCC credit they will do so in the spring.   They must have an ACT math score of 25 or higher to complete this enrollment.


Chemistry (grade 11-12), students must have completed Physical Science, Biology & enrolled in Algebra II: Chemistry is the study of the composition of matter and the changes it may undergo.  This course is an attempt to acquaint the student with the structure of matter and applications this has for daily life.  Topics covered are:  structure of the atom, chemical formulas and equations, scientific law governing the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases and a brief survey of carbon containing compounds.

Physics (grades 12), students must have completed Physical Science & Biology & Chemistry; must have completed Algebra II with a B: Physics is an upper level science involved with the study of metric measurement, speed, velocity, acceleration, forces,  Newton’s Laws of Motion, vectors, momentum, energy, heat, temperature, waves, sound, light, mirrors, lenses, static and current electricity.

Anatomy (grades 11-12), students must have completed Biology with a C: Anatomy is an upper level science involved with the study of the structure or internal workings of the human body. Topics covered are: the human body orientation, body tissues, digestive system, integumentary system, skeletal system, muscular system, urinary system, and the reproductive system.

Physiology (grades 11-12), students must have completed Biology with a C: Physiology is an upper level science involved with the study of the branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts. Topics covered are: the nervous system, muscle physiology, special senses, cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune system.

Andover eCademy Electives:
Trinity Catholic is partnering with Andover School District to offer students an expanded variety of electives.  Andover eCademy is an on-line school program that utilizes Pearson Learning, a leader in on-line curriculum courses.  The following eCademy courses also have the advantage of teacher-student contact with a licensed teacher from Andover School District.  We are still waiting on complete list of electives offered by Andover for next year, but if you know of one from the past that was offered, you may sign up for it and we will put it on your schedule once we know Andover’s curriculum.  

 Hutchinson Community College Classes:
The following courses are tentatively scheduled to take place at Trinity Catholic.  HCC classes are open to juniors and seniors only.  Students taking any of these classes will become enrolled students at HCC and will therefore be responsible for any enrollment requirements and fees that may apply.  College Comp 1 & College Comp II can count as dual credit and take the place of English IV if the student chooses.  Students taking HCC classes for dual credit will receive the same grade through Trinity as received from HCC.    

College Composition I (Fall semester)
College Composition II (Spring semester)
College Sociology (Fall semester)
College Speech (Spring semester)