Trinity Catholic High School


To have students admitted to Trinity Jr./Sr. High School, parents must be registered and active members of a Catholic Parish. Non-Catholics are welcome, however, educational fee arrangements must be made with the school's principal. All students must have appropriate attendance, behavior, grades, and positive Christian values and morals before acceptance to Trinity.

Each year the Trinity School Council and pastors will set the yearly registration fee. The 2016-17 fee is $425.00 which is non-refundable after September 1st of the calendar year. Families that qualify for free/reduced lunches may apply for a $75.00 discount on enrollment fees. The registration fee is used for textbook rental, locker fee rental, technology, PowerSchool, enrollment fees, etc. All school fees must be paid on a timely and yearly basis. Pre-registration for a new school term in any of the Hutchinson Catholic Schools will not be accepted until all fees (activity fees, technology fee, lunch fees, etc.) have been paid.

Students who withdraw from Trinity for any reason, other than a bona fide move, and wishing to re-enter, could be subjected to take an entry exam which will determine proper placement of the student. Placement or admittance of the student will be at the discretion of the building principal.

Transfer students from non-accredited schools will initially be placed by the principal after consultation with parents or guardians and guidance counselor. Final placement shall be made by the principal based on the student's documented past educational experiences and performances on tests administered to determine grade level placement.

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