Trinity Catholic High School

Social Studies

Jr. High

Social Studies-This course provides a comprehensive study of the American nation from its very inception to industrialism.

Geography-Using a cooperative learning approach, students examine the locations, human environmental interactions, movement, and regions of the world.


High School

American Government-This required course challenges students to explore and ask questions about their political institutions and to develop an understanding of the political process to encourage informed participation in the political process.

World History-

American History-This required course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of American history, from the period of European colonization through the present.

Cultural History-This elective class focuses on the pre-modern period from the classical civilizations of ancient Rome and Greece through the modern period, focusing on the concepts related to geography, culture, and history.

Current Events-This elective class focuses on the major issues of the present world, encouraging students to work collaboratively and develop public speaking skills.