Trinity Catholic High School

Physical Education

Jr. High

7th, 8th and 9th Grade Physical Education:  Educating young people on care and development of the human body including your health, hygiene, fitness and sporting activities, and values. The curriculum consists of 8, two week units designed with skills, knowledge and activities to help you make healthy choices. 


7th Grade Health                      8th Grade Health                                               9th Grade Health

Basic hygiene                            Drugs and Alcohol                                               CPR and First Aid

Basic Nutrition                           Anatomy and Physiology of Body Systems         Nutrition for Athletes

Sensory Organs                        (Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Muscles,       Human Sexuality

(eyes, ears, nose & throat)         Bones, Digestion, Endocrine & Reproductive)    (STI’s, Natural Birth

Basic fitness                               Global Health Issues                                          Control & Babies/Birth)


High School

Strength and Conditioning Class or Zero Hour:  

The class is designed to help improve all areas of fitness:   strength, power, quickness, speed, agility, reaction time, vertical jump, endurance, flexibility, body composition, coordination and balance.  Improvement in these areas will give the student-athlete a strong base to help his/her performances in their specific sports or activities. 

Lifetime Sports and Wellness:
The class is for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  Objectives of the class are: promote and live a heathy lifestyle through sports or exercises; gain knowledge on leading causes of disease and how to prevent them; cooperate with other peers and teacher and learn some basic “hands-on” skills.