Trinity Catholic High School

Business & Computers


Junior High


7th Grade 

This course is designed to teach students how to keyboard correctly. Students will learn the keyboard and the correct finger placement and posture to use when typing. They will be introduced to Microsoft Word and will learn basic formatting techniques. Students will also complete activities using Microsoft Word and the Internet to develop study skills which are useful during their entire school career.


8th Grade

This course is designed as an introduction to various computer applications. Students will be introduced to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point. They will be given a variety of projects and activities in each of these applications, which will also build upon their typing and computer skills that were introduced in 7th grade. Students will develop their skill in using the Internet as a resource for their studies. Time will also be devoted to activities that develop good study habits and teach students how to manage their time wisely.


High School

Computer education programs are competency-based, providing learning that uses employment-related content to contribute to the development of a student’s basic, academic and problem-solving skills, general employability attributes, and specific occupational knowledge.  The acquisition of these skills, knowledge and attributes prepares students for success in employment, future education and personal lives.  Computer education serves diverse individual interest, accommodates different learning styles, and provides students with opportunities to master essential skills through practical application.  Courses within the department require students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and attitudes through hands-on experiences.


Course Offerings

Advanced Computer Applications

Accounting I & II

Intro to Business

Personal Finance